Hot and Cold Ionic Facial Massager

$99.00 USD $129.00

Provide heating, coolingion+ and ion- modes, it effectively cleanses skin and import nutrient to skin. Available in 3 LED colours for different skincare needs and EMS to tighten skin. A multi-functional home beauty device providing professional facial treatment.

Main Functions:

• Deep cleansing and extract dirt from pores; strengthen the absorption for essence; firming and enhance skin elasticity, brighten skin and anti-spot, reduce wrinkles, tighten facial contour,  stimulate growth of collagen cell, minimize skin pores, relieve acne, improve skin texture.

• Gentle massage with ion+ & ion- mode for making skin youthful. (Dirt inside pores will be exported by ion+ mode; and the essential nutrients will be imported to the deeper layer of skin and absorbed rapidly by ion- mode).

• New technology of temperature control, alternating warm and cold function, rejuvenates the skin. (Hot: pores will open at 38°C for fully absorbing nutrients; Cold: lock the nutrients at 10°C, and calm redness of the skin, accelerate blood circulation, rejuvenate the skin).

 3 kinds of wavelength of LED light, stimulate collagen regeneration, effectively improve various skin problems. (RED: stimulate collagen regeneration; GREEN: tighten pores; BLUE: deep cleaning and clean up facial bacterial).

• EMS (Electrical muscle stimulation) for improving sagging skin, tightening pores, firming and enhancing skin elasticity, and stimulating and enhancing muscle contraction in the dermal layers, result in face lifting and firming.

Emay Plus Hot and Cold Ionic Facial Massager