Face Lifting Gel 50g

$29.00 USD

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Emay Plus Face Lifting Gel is a fragrance & pigment free multi-functional skincare product made in Japan. It is fermented using strictly selected Japanese rice and combined with natural plant extracts, including clover, Japanese maple leaves, and betaine. You can apply the gel to your daily skincare routine for long-lasting moisturization, smooth and bright skin, healthy and youthful-looking glow and use it with Emay Plus beauty devices to enhance lifting & firming contours.


Japanese Rice
We have a strict standard for selecting Japanese rice that is used in the traditional brewing method called Kimoto Zukuri, which has been around for over 400 years since the Edo period.

This method produces an extract that contains 50% more amino acids than the modern brewing method, which takes less time and care. The exclusive extract is high in amino and kojic acids, which help to maintain youthful skin.

Research has shown that the amino acids in the extract are similar to the natural moisturizing factor (NMF) in our skin, making it an effective moisturizer.

Additionally, the fermented ingredients in the extract help to control sebum secretion, even out skin tone, soothe redness, repair skin and strengthen the skin's natural barrier. With these powerful antioxidant ingredients, it can restore your skin's healthy, youthful radiance.

HappiClo Extract
Extracted from clover, it is a powerful ingredient that effectively stimulates the growth of elastic fibers and colleagen and boosts the skin’s firmness.

Japanese Maple Leaf Extract 
Japanese maple leaf extract contains antioxidants that can effectively reduce microvascular hyperplasia, soothe redness, shrink pores, and restore a healthy and supple complexion.

Intense hydrating ingredient effectively moisturizes, improves skin texture, and leaves skin glowy.


This lifting gel has multiple functions and is made with powerful active ingredients that moisturize the skin all day. It effectively brightens skin tone, tightens pores, smooths fine lines, and restores youthful elasticity and contours.

How to use:

Apply evenly on cleansed skin, or after using toner. Massage until fully absorbed.
For the best result, use it with the Emay Plus beauty devices for instant firming and lifting effect.

It can be stored for 3 years unopened (best before Mar 2026), and used within 12 months after opening.