Dual Lifting Face Slimmer

$74.99 USD

Upgraded bilateral design with ingenuity, Emay Plus Dual Lifting Face Slimmer is the perfect at-home beauty device to satisfy all your needs. As a must-have skincare regime, it can strengthen the absorption of any skincare routine product, improve imperfection, lift and firm skin, inverse aging, and boost healthier & more youthful-looking radiance on your face. 
Equipped with 5 Terahertz energy ball massage heads, Emay Plus Dual Lifting Face Slimmer can revitalize energy levels, take more nutrients to the skin cells and achieve the remarkable effect of skin beauty. 

With 4 working modes, 3 major temperature level options (40 °C/45 °C/48 °C ) and 10,000 high-frequency vibrations per minute, Emay Plus Dual Lifting Face Slimmer can provide all-rounded functions.

Its ergonomic S-shaped metallic massage plate perfectly fits the curves on your face and body. The 50 ° three-dimensional pointed hook can precisely press acupoints and awaken and strengthen skin cells. Gently pressing the acupoints around your eyes and nose can aid in restoring youthfully bright eyes and shaping explicit facial features.

Immerse in a supreme facial or body spa with Emay Plus Dual Lifting Face Slimmer at ease anytime and anywhere! 

Emay Plus provides users with different ranges of effective, safe, stable, durable, and affordable multi-functional beauty devices with RoHS, FCC, CE-EMC, and other globally recognized certifications, to help solve various skin problems and make you confident anytime. Any skincare product can be used together with Emay Plus beauty device for the best results. With USB or battery charge, Emay Plus products are universal use globally.