Me time . My Beauty

Me time . My Beauty

Facial Massager

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Hot and Cold Ionic Facial Massager

Provide heating, cooling, ion+ and ion- modes, it effectively cleanses skin and import nutrient to skin. Available in 3 LED colours for different skincare needs and EMS to tighten skin. A multi-functional home beauty device providing professional facial treatment.

Visual Facial Vacuum Cleaner

Designed with 4 interchangeable beauty heads, combined with hot and cold modes, it can remove blackheads, excess grease, dirt, and aging keratin. Equipped with a mobile APP to monitor the cleaning process and skin condition.

All-in-One Facial Massager

Equipped with warming (42℃-46℃) and vibration function, it helps to speed up blood circulation and strengthen the absorption of essence; its freezing function (13℃-15℃), which can reduce swelling, minimize pores, calm redness and irritation.