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Dual Lifting Face Slimmer

V-Line Up | Lifting | Firming | Slimming | Depuffing | Anti-Aging | Smoothing | Energizing | Radiance.
Upgraded bilateral design with ingenuity, Emay Plus Dual Lifting Face Slimmer is the perfect home beauty device to satisfy all your needs. As a must-have skincare regime, it can strengthen the absorption of any skincare routine product, improve imperfection, lift and firm skin, inverse aging, and boost healthier & more youthful-looking radiance. 

All-in-One Facial Massager

Equipped with warming (42℃-46℃) and vibration function, it helps to speed up blood circulation and strengthen the absorption of essence; its freezing function (13℃-15℃), which can reduce swelling, minimize pores, calm redness and irritation.

Face Detox Slimmer

With 3 working modes and 2 temperature options, it can help to detoxify lymph, tighten skin, contour face and reduce fine lines by using heat, vibration and pressure. It provides care of both face and body. Available in pink and purple. With 8000 VPM for awakening skin.

Customer Reviews

As a makeup artist and model, I recommend fantastic Emay Plus Devices! The All-in-One Facial Massager is a game-changer for skincare.
— Elnaz Golrokh
Dual Lifting Face Slimmer gives me visible lifting effects in 5 minutes with a comfy and relaxed feel.
— Hedy
With Terahertz Roller, the lifting gel multiplies the effects of moisturizing, radiance, and lift.
— Annie
I am amazed by the immediate results of the All-in-One Facial Massager's V-line up feature.
— Hannah
I am really obssessed in the face depuffing and massaging for a natural healthy glow.
— Chrissy Jefferies
Elevate your Gua Sha routine with All-in-one Facial Massager for lymphatic massages.
— Natalie Zarra
The electric gua sha with red light can reduce swelling and water retention for a balanced condition.
— Yenilka Ortega
Unique double wave head for contouring and firming. Lightweight, portable, and easy to use.
— Zye Xuan
As a mode, I love the facial massager! It's great for lifting and firming, and helps me relax anytime, anywhere.
— Chole Su
I achieve a slimmer face with regular use of Emay Plus Facial Detox Slimmer.
— Grace Myu
Experience thicker hair, reduced hair loss, and a healthier scalp after one month using LLLT Pro E-Brush.
— Sam
My beauty essential! It removes makeup, dirt, and dead skin with 3 brushes and 2 modes and offers ozone disinfection.
— Faith Tan